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Friday, October 28, 2005

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Creme De La Mer

Expensive? Yes.
Does it work? Yes. But, ONLY if applied correctly. As I've mentioned before on the Rose Day Cream post, application is the key to the success.
People who do not have success with this cream, most likely apply it the wrong way. It is very tempting to smear it all over the face thinking the more the better. WRONG!
There is a reason it comes with instructions. Warming up the cream between the palms/fingers is necessary to break down the thick cream into a serum-like texture. Otherwise one is just wasting it and probably creating very congested skin while doing so.
Always, without exception use no more than a pea size amount. This will not only stop you from wasting the product but will give the necessary amount for the face. For this reason it comes with it's own spatula, plus reduces contamination from fingers in the pot.
Don't forget to warm it up, it is very important, rub the palms together until they have a serum-like sheen covering them. This is what needs to be patted onto the skin. Keep patting all over the face until it transfers from the palms to the face.
No rubbing, rolling or massaging it. Must be patted. Also, best if face is damp from toner or plain water after washing, because the cream will seal the moisture into the skin.
The scent is pleasant, nothing fancy - some people complain that is smells cheap and Nivea-like - Must be one special Nivea they are smelling, because it smells nothing like it. I guess people expect the smell to be some super extravagant fragrance because of the cream's price. To me personally, the scent is very comforting and lovely. Not at all overpowering or nauseating like some other upmarket creams... I won't name names, but there are plenty of revolting ones out there.
So, its either a love it or hate it product.
I've only ever had great results with Creme De La Mer. I give it 10 out of 10.


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